The 9 are a group consciousness of nine light beings channelled by OA. Their message is one of love, light and joy. They encourage us to realise our full potential and urge us to fulfil our role as conscious co-creators of our own reality.

You are invited to join us on a magical journey of self discovery to experience the multidimensional aspects of your being: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Step into your power and realise your true divine nature. The potential for self healing, evolution and fulfilment is infinite and ultimately directed by your free will.

You are invited to use our wings, so you may view your life experience from a higher perspective and recognise the magnitude of your unlimited nature. 

We offer you tools to transform your heart song – your soul purpose – into your  reality and encourage you to live your dream in joy and abundance.

The 9

Meeting the 9 for Individual or Group Sessions 
is possible by booking an appointment 


Indhu Rubisingham

“I felt great warmth and a generous energy all around me. I was incredibly comfortable and found the experience enlightening, full of love and wisdom and most importantly, true to my heart.

Indhu Rubisingham

Theatre Director

Ann Richardson

”My experience of The 9 is that they speak to me with compassion and humour – an irresistible combination!”


Ann Richardson

TV Producer and Transpersonal Psychotherapist

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